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“We are on a journey to keep an appointment with whatever we are.”
~ Gene Roddenberry

Terrapsychology is a set of studies that focus on how the things of the world get into us somatically and psychologically. This focus reenchants our relations with objects and homes, regions and neighborhoods, weather and water, city and sky.

Professor Craig Chalquist, PhD is starting monthly online learning circles on topics within terrapsychology, topics he speaks and writes about and has taught for many years in higher ed. All relate to how psyche, dream, story, self, imagination, and social systems interact.

Each monthly session goes for an hour and a half. There is no end date: come as long as you continue to learn in wonder.

        Meet the instructor and facilitator.

Applied Folklore and Personal Mythology
Exploring the Spirit and Presence of Place
Eco Trauma, Healing and the Natural World
Recurring Themes in Family and Ancestry
Enchantivism and Deep Societal Change
Depth Studies and Work with Dreams
Fantasy, Fiction, Film and Storytelling
Ecospirituality and the Esoteric

“How does it work?”


“Keep in mind always the present you are constructing. It should be the future you want.”
~ Alice Walker


If you are interested in learning about terrapsychology,  contact us. When enough people get on board to start a new class, we’ll work out a schedule with you, then send you what you need to begin learning, conversing, and meeting your fellow learners in the online class space where you can make the topics your own.

“What Kinds of Things Will I Learn?”


Depending on which topic you choose,

  • Replacing ineffective argument with stories that inspire change
  • Connecting images from your dreams with events in the world
  • Trying methods for realigning with natural cycles and elements
  • Finding deep psychological wisdom waiting in ancient tales
  • Uncovering and dealing with intergenerational family dramas
  • Creating your own path of Earth-honoring meaning and spirit.

You can also mix and match. Where we head depends on what serves you.


Pay by session as you go.



You’re out making good trouble. Rock on.



Pay for 4 sessions and get a discount.

$100/4 sessions


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