“Craig Chalquist showed me the map between the worlds of imagination and reality. Little did I know it was a mythic gateway into a truer and more sane life. His fluid deep relationship between the world soul and the individual soul is a rare skill. I’m honored to have him as an ally.”
– Matthew Cochran, Raven Dream Tracking Founder and Boulder Skills Foundation Board Member

read The story behind your story…

what tale are you in?


The more tools you have, the deeper you can go into yourself. Tools I bring include:


  • Earthdreaming
  • Personal mythology
  • Dream interpretation
  • Family roots exploration
  • Relationship theme work
  • Leadership self-discovery
  • Deep psychology lessons
  • Earth and place connection

What will you do with the rest of your life? Are you living it with all the spirit, meaning, and vitality it deserves? 

every life is magical

Whether or not some of us are born to change the world, we each bring a unique signature to the unfolding text of the day. We don’t just read about it in the news. We compose. 

To be fully and optimally human is to know what the time is asking of you and how to respond, effectively and creatively, from the depths of your soul. Do you? 

Decode Yourself

online or in person

To work in person you’ll need to be in or near Goleta, California. I’m happy to meet with you in your home or some other place where you feel comfortable doing deep work.

For online work I can be reached by phone or via my personal Zoom account (easy to use: just click a link and you’re there).