“Craig Chalquist is an extraordinary thinker and writer, helping us address the many issues of our time, whether your interests involve current events, depth psychology, mythology, storytelling, or our deep embeddedness in nature. His writing offers urgently needed new perspectives that point the way forward.”
– Larry Saltzman, permaculture designer and instructor

World Soul Books: Worldredeing for Life

I founded World Soul Books, an imprint of Worldrede Academy, in 2007 to create a vehicle for my work at the intersection of self, soul, place, nature, story, myth, and complex living systems. 

This new venue also expressed my frustration with mainstream publishing, an industry increasingly unsynchronized with today’s demand for affordable books rapidly and readily available across a variety of forms. I continue to use commercial publishers now and then, but it shouldn’t take more than a year to get a book out.

World Soul Books prints my work on recyclable paper. The print-on-demand services we contract publish books as needed, when sold, instead of piling them up in warehouses. As shown in the anthology Rebearths, World Soul also helps new voices get into print.


World Soul Books proudly publishes

Immanence: The Journal of Applied Mythology, Legend, and Folktale was founded to invite articles, poetry, art,  and commentary on how the motifs of folklore return to life all around us.

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“Craig Chalquist’s Myths Among Us is a marvelous compendium of mythic stories from around the world as well as provocative reflection questions at the end of each one to generate participation in the readers. But what I also love about this book is Craig’s deep passion for mythic origins, structures and purposes, which are deeply explored in the first two chapters. Two books for the price of one; what a rich bargain!
“What I thoroughly enjoyed about the savvy Myths Among Us is that the first two chapters offer enough material for reflection on myth and mythic consciousness to comprise an entire course. The second treat is how Chalquist stirs in stories from around the globe to illustrate the pleasure of myth; now readers have a rich nourishing series of meals for the soul to snack on for years.”

– Dr. Dennis Patrick Slattery, author of Riting Myth, Mything Writing; A Pilgrimage Beyond Belief; and Our Daily Breach. 

Ebook version – World Soul Books

A Course on World Mythology….

…and a lot more:

  • Over a hundred retold mythic tales, with study questions to trace the stories’ relevancy to events of today
  • Suggestions for embracing myth as a path to self-exploration and inward discovery
  • A large section on theories of myth
  • A new developmental approach to myth
  • A chapter on modern myths.


Psyche, Place, and Nature


How does the place where you were born influence your path in life? How do crowded freeways crowd our communications? Why do we go to mountains for peak experiences? Many example of persons-places links throughout this deep terrapsychological study. 


An anthology of emerging voices writing about the power of the presence of place in a variety of settings and contexts. Included are observations about the elements (e.g., brushfires, storms, earthquakes) as psychologically meaningful powers in dialogue with us. 


Ecotherapy traces and fills in the circles of healing between ourselves and the natural world. Chapters by experts on how nature and human psychology merge illustrate practices and ideas for living in more secure alignment with the world we inhabit.  


This far-ranging series of amusing sketches looks at how the things we live with – cars, clothes, computers, and many other familiar objects – inhabit our psychology as emissaries between us and the rest of the world. E-book format only. 

The Animate California Trilogy

Book 1


In which a depth psychologist looks at the history and geography of his coastal home, worldredeing place and events and features of the land as one might interpret a strange dream…

Book 2


What if we looked at the Central Valley of California as an alchemical chamber in which a rich diversity of people, places, and stories sought ever-new combinations?

Book 3


A terrapsychological inquiry around the margins and borders of the edgy Golden State unearths startling new insights about the origins of what’s been called the California Dream.

Deep History


We know we have a bodily self, an inner self, a family self, a work self, and maybe a spiritual self; but what about a mythic self? This study draws on the mythic lives of public figures and many tales to reveal the myths we come in with.


Drawing on events from places like Sumer, Salem, Paris, and Nicaea, this study outlines what Freud, Confucius, Boudica, Lenin, Temujin, and others show us about why knowing the lessons of the past is so enduringly important.


This Big History book looks at events from around the world from before it even existed, starting with the Big Bang and ending in the year 2000. Included are many events and pivotal people not normally touched on in history texts.


In many ways, the conquest of California by Spanish  conquistadors and, later, by American settlers never ended. The imbalances and absurdities they set loose in the Golden State show up in later events up and down El Camino Real.

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