“Some professors communicate from out of a vast base of knowledge, others teach in a way that is engaging and even fun, while others bring a depth of wisdom and compassion to their work and their interactions with students. Craig Chalquist does all these things, and excellently, to boot.”
– Seth Miller, Network Engineer and Graduate Lecturer

Free Short Talks on an Earth-Honoring Wisdom Path for Our Turbulent Time

Prof. Craig Chalquist

Hermeticism is an Earth-honoring, cosmos-embracing wisdom path originating in ancient Egypt, from where it mixed with Jewish, Iranian, Greek, and Indian traditions and became a world-circling philosophy of reenchantment.

The Hermetic path strives to bring clarity to the mind, discernment of speech, knowledge of the self, and therapy for the soul. It offers ideas and practices for using imagination as a source of knowledge, relationality, and visioning of the kinds of just and delightful community we would enjoy belonging to.

Join us for a series of free video talks  that apply Hermetic ideas and principles to contemporary concerns and current events.

Topics will include

  • The Nature of Gnosis
  • The 9 Agreements of H
  • Old Tales, New Tellings
  • Science and Spirit
  • Gods and Archetypes
  • Diversity is Cosmic
  • Fivefold Caring
  • Imagination is a Realm
  • Reverence for Earth
  • The World Dreams
  • “As Above, So Below”
  • Threshold Guardians

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With Quotations from the Hermetica

“Consider the vast multitude of beings, both immortal and mortal and how between them the moon pursues her round. And all beings are full of soul…”

– Book 11, Corpus Hermeticum

“The generous nature of this world teaches all beings.”