Are these online classes about looking into dreams about Earth?

We use “dream” in these senses: 1. Imagining the Earth-honoring ideal and living it: practical dreaming. 2. Exploring night dreams, which could include dreams about Earth and nature. 3. Visioning the kind of Earth we want to live on together. 4. Enlivening our relations with the things of the planet by playfully interpreting them as we would dream symbols. –Also, most of the exercises are to be practiced away from computers.

Why badges?

ED combines perceiving and imagining with doing. Digital badges display a record of skills actually learned and practiced. Each of the four levels of the Certificate in Earthdreaming requires mastery of a set of skills signaled by earning a badge.

How is earthdreaming different from ecopsychology?

ED owes a debt to ecopsychology’s emphasis on how human health is bound up with the health of the planet. We can’t be fully well, mentally or physically, while living in degrading ecosystems. ED goes farther in the creative direction by insisting that the work of Earth repair must involve stories and ideas and practices that reenchant our relations with planet, place, psyche—and the built environment too, which ecopsychology tends to disregard or pathologize. ED says: making things better helps us be better.

What’s the difference between earthdreaming and terrapsychology?

ED is the practice arm of terrapsychology, which in turn tends how the world gets into the heart and how the heart reflects the world. In addition to writings and practices, terrapsychology includes its own research methods. Read all about terrapsychology at

How come earthdreamers can’t call themselves terrapsychologists?

The American Psychological Association has spent a lot of political money and influence to limit who can legally refer to themselves as a “psychologist” or even have that word in their job title. Read “Can Psychology Heal Itself?” for a history of these maneuvers and the ideology informing them.

Is earthdreaming a spiritual practice?

It can and has been used as one even by people who don’t consider themselves religious. Its mood of awe evokes reverence for nature, Earth, and cosmos. It makes no claims at all about anything supernatural. Its sense of the sacred results not from doctrine but from felt experience.

Why does earthdreaming matter?

If we are going to stop ourselves from destroying what’s left of Earth’s surface, seas, and atmosphere, inventing new technologies won’t be enough. Neither will shaming people for consuming the planet to death. On a deeper level, we will need capacities for experiencing ourselves as in constant relationship with matter and nature, world and location, elements and seasonal cycles. Capacities that emphasize wonder, care, and love. Earthdreaming is designed from decades of teaching these capacities with good results and authentic hope.