Digital badges are online emblems of skills achieved. Earning an Earthdreamer Level 4 badge requires learning, practicing, and mastering a set of capacities for crafting your own Earth-honoring spiritual practice. All levels include passing along the skills and ideas acquired to other learners.

level 4 skills

  1. Track inner and outer cycles: moods and meteorology, energy level and seasonal changes, and the symbolism of how natural forces influence you. 
  2. Create a seasonal transition celebration and leavetaking list with corresponding exercises and activities.
  3. Go on and report back on a Tour of Altared States in which what you encounter appears as a sacred presence with gifts to reveal. 
  4. Explain the value and importance of hearing, learning from, and telling sacred stories featuring our relations with animate nature. 
  5. Design and create an art project with some aspect of the natural world as a co-creator.
  6. Design and present a ritual, image show, and exercise on what you have learned from the Certificate in Earthdreaming.



skills outcomes:

  • Assembly of a meaningful frame of reverent rituals, useful readings, contemplative skills, and daily musings
  • Life-style enhancing practices that welcome in “spirit” as a non-dogmatic awe of the world around and within us 
  • Practice interpreting sacred stories and folklore to find their life-affirming wisdom
  • Practice partnering with nature for creative projects
  • Knowledge of the importance and value of ritual creation
  • Healing from religious trauma
  • Perception of ordinary things as lively, magical, and evocative presences.

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….is “dreaming” in these senses:

  • Exploring how our night dreams reflect living presences all around us;
  • Reenchanting our relations with ourselves, each other, and the world;
  • Playing with the idea of the things around us “dreaming” with us;
  • Imagining together to dream up a just and Earth-honoring future;
  • Turning these dreams into realities we can all delight to live in.

the big picture:

really living HERE


Wealth, laws, and technology by themselves cannot bring about a new way of being here on Earth with each other. For that we need new stories and skills for coming home to our sentient and still-beautiful homeworld.


“Shall I not have intelligence with the earth? Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mould myself?”
— Henry David Thoreau


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