Digital badges are online emblems of skills achieved. Earning an Earthdreamer Level 2 badge requires learning, practicing, and mastering a set of capacities for creative and transformative storytelling. All levels include passing along the skills and ideas acquired to other learners.

level 2 skills

  1. Explain the science behind why storytelling can be more persuasive and trust-building than debating, arguing, or piling up facts and statistics. 
  2. Learn and articulate the psychology behind how fostering realistic optimism can strengthen people’s motivation for creating beneficial change.
  3. Practice effective storytelling and receive respectful feedback for improvement. 
  4. Conduct exercises that allow people to envision new possible futures to move toward. 
  5. Practice techniques of heartsteading: building small communities for mutual support, concerted action, dreaming together, and experimenting.
  6. Craft a proposal for bringing transformative storytelling to a local or online venue.



skills outcomes:

  • Enhanced presentation and persuasion skills
  • Practice teaching others to envision new possible futures
  • Empathy-building through fictional and mythic storytelling
  • Ideas and practices for creating mini-communities of support and experimentation
  • Practice mentoring others in listening, mediating, and conversing productively
  • Techniques for building moods of hope and inspiration through shared imagining
  • Psychological tools for maintaining wonder and creativity in difficult times.

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….is “dreaming” in these senses:

  • Exploring how our night dreams reflect living presences all around us;
  • Reenchanting our relations with ourselves, each other, and the world;
  • Playing with the idea of the things around us “dreaming” with us;
  • Imagining together to dream up a just and Earth-honoring future;
  • Turning these dreams into realities we can all delight to live in.

the big picture:

really living HERE


Wealth, laws, and technology by themselves cannot bring about a new way of being here on Earth with each other. For that we need new stories and skills for coming home to our sentient and still-beautiful homeworld.


“Shall I not have intelligence with the earth? Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mould myself?”
— Henry David Thoreau


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