“Craig combines a lot of great qualities in a teacher. He is is intelligent, believes in what he does and cares deeply….He has a deep knowledge of his subject matter combined with equally deep humility that creates the best possible space for learning. His commitment to what he believes in was always inspiring to me.”
– Patrick Goonan, Organizational Development and Executive Coaching

“Craig is a gifted and generous instructor and guide. His knowledge of and passion for the topics he teaches is impressive, and the creativity and passion with which he teaches makes the courses engaging and unique… He is an encouraging and inspiring presence, and I have enjoyed learning from him, working with him, and getting to know him.”
– Kevin Filocamo, Coach and Bodyworker

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Having worked over the years at several schools (Sonoma State, New College, CIIS, Pacifica, Schumacher College, others) and in many programs, one of which I also chaired, I designed and taught more than thirty courses, graduate and undergrad, as well as three certificate programs. 

Not everyone can afford tuition. So why not update some of my courses, bundle them, and make them available outside higher ed? 

The downloadable courses below include an explanatory, easy-to-follow course outline and the course content: handouts, notes, audio commentaries, slideshows, etc. 

Clicking on a course takes you to a course description page. The shopping cart allows you to order more than one item at a time. Pricing varies with the amount of course content. Note: audio files are in m4a format. You should be able to play them with iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, and a number of other programs.

I have tried for years to make university-level education affordable. Selling courses I have enjoyed teaching to classrooms full of enthusiastic students allows me to offer you what was previously much more expensive to access. I hope you find it transmutative and informative.


Courses in Deep Psychology

These courses focus on symbol, story, imagination, dream, and
myth as vital expressions of the wholeness of human consciousness.* 

Depth Psychology

An introduction to the basics, ancestry, founders, methods, and key applications of the field inquiring into how conscious and unconscious interact to produce the symbolic life.

Jung’s Red Book 

Ten hours of audio lectures  covering the entire Red Book, the account of Jung’s visionary inner journeys. We start with some background and then go through chapter by chapter.

Applied Mythology

Explore tales from around the world to learn what each can tell us about today’s events, relationships, and the journey inward. Comes with a copy of Myths Among Us: When Timeless Tales Return to Life.


Deep Storytelling

Learn how to reach out, bring forth, and persuade through mythically- and archetypally-rooted tellings of tales that transcend lectures and debates to share aspirations and dreams.

*  Buy all 4 Deep Psychology courses and save $35:

Courses in Living Systems

These courses contain concepts and practices for healing the perceived
splits between self and world, culture and nature, and mundane and sacred. 


Ecotherapy in Brief

Twenty short video lectures outline the field of ecotherapy, discuss some of the science involved, and invite you to experiment a bit with simple ways of aligning yourself with natural cycles and events. 

Nature as Healer 

This one-hour online course offered through Lorman introduces you to ecotherapy. The course includes an overview, some research evidence, and various outdoor and indoor techniques used by ecotherapists. 

Writing with Soul

This course combines exercises, tips, and advice from a published writer on the craft of bringing the things of the world and the creative voice in you into alignment. Make your inner critic an ally.


Ecopsychology seeks to close the rift between human life and that of the natural world by introducing a set of insights and movements that heal modern distress at the root. Includes ecotherapy practices. 

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