“Craig is a refreshingly creative, synthesizing thinker who can handle any topic or problem and come up with solutions that connect and resolves tension. I find his advice is always clear, concise and inclusive of many perspectives.”
– Jan Edl Stein, Graduate Educator and Director of Holos Institute

Areas of On-the-Ground Expertise:

  • Practical Psychology
  • Storytelling for Change 
  • Program (Re)design
  • Learning with Soul
  • WASC Preparation
  • Applied Systems Theory
  • Applied Mythology
  • Depth Psychology
  • Terrapsychology
  • Ecopsychology

Examples of what you’ll learn to do:

  • Regenerate your idealism
  • Serve as a practical visionary
  • Persuade the highly resistant
  • Master crucial storytelling skills
  • Reinvigorate a training program
  • Find your voice in speaking and writing 
  • Move through and beyond writer’s block
  • Deeply trace recurring motifs in your locale
  • Analyze dilemmas by working with dreams


Inspiring Psychology At Your Service

I like to get people moving:

To learn deeply about themselves and the organizations they join;

To know not only who they are, but where and when they are

To apply the wisdom of ancient tales to challenges today;

To discover and work with the stories and psychologies they find in themselves and find themselves inside of.

I also like to enlist explorers for charting the complexities of the complicated systems where we live and work. What plotlines unfold around us and inside us? Where can we widen bottlenecks and replace rigid repeats with novel responses? What myths do we live that live us, and where can we make creative new elaborations?

Most consultants begin by selling problems, offering expensive analyses as teasers. I bring solutions, skills, and knowledge sources to try out from the very first conversation. 

Why listen to speeches or read resumes on someone’s claimed expertise when you can work more briefly with them and find out?

My Consulting Philosophy and Practice

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Inspiration Unchained

“We need Round Table Knights of the World Soul: dedicated people who work with what is while holding fruitful visions of what lies ahead. We need to train, test, and send forth practical dreamers.”

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