“Throughout my whole life, during every minute of it, the world has been gradually lighting up and blazing before my eyes until it has come to surround me, entirely lit up from within.”
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“The Muses” by Kurt Wenner

I offer personalized

  • Inspiring big picture presentations on the state of our time
  • Consulting on nonlinear, lasting, and systemic transformation
  • Practical folklore lessons for work, family life, relationships, self-development, healing, and reenchantment

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What if we stopped pushing from behind and started pulling from ahead?

Dedication to Reenchantment

“I founded Worldrede (“world” + “read”) to combine and offer the best of what I have learned as an educator, psychotherapist, depth psychologist, terrapsychologist, higher ed administrator and consultant, lecturer, publisher, writer, philosophy student, and storyteller. 

“I bring deep and transformative learnings out of the classroom directly to you, who seek the kind of knowledge and practices that grow lasting change. I believe in the value of a graduate education, but it’s not for everybody.

“Our happiness with ourselves, the quality of our work, and the health of our communities depend on the stories we tell ourselves and each other. We cannot move from depletion to fulfillment in these areas until we learn to tell different stories. 

“To motivate people, these stories must inspire, delight, and enchant. They must be spacious and sturdy enough to contain what’s wrong while pointing us toward what we can reimagine and work toward. 


It has been my joy to help people discover the seeds of new ways to be with themselves and each other by learning more about the wisdom awaiting us in mythology and folk tales, the voice of the land, the presence of place, and our power to learn from the past in service to actualizing dreams of a better today.

“All my work in the world is in service to creating and supporting the sustainable, just, and delightful communities of belonging I know we are capable of scaling up.

“Before we act differently, we must perceive differently. To do that we must imagine differently. Let’s do that together.”


Craig Chalquist, PhD – Founder

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