What is Worldrede?

Graduate-Level Learnings Made Affordable

World is what we occupy but do not always feel entirely at home in. Rede (“read”) is an Old English word for “interpret” and “counsel.”

Worldrede Academy’s mission is to offer an affordable and personalized “deep education” that quickly and permanently transforms individuals, groups, organizations, and communities and contributes to the reenchantment of how we live on Earth as caring, conscious, and engaged citizens.

This education includes practical know-how from several disciplines as taught in class, worked out in the field, and applied in the world.

“It’s easy to be confused and anxious in a frenetic time of worldwide transition, angst, uncertainty, uprootedness, and collapse.

“What are some ways forward? What does it all mean? Where is the hope?

“By dreaming together, you and me, we change reality.”

— Craig Chalquist, PhD, Founder

Education through myth, depth, and story


Thomas Berry says we need a new story for our time. Might this story include reimagined myths and tales of the past blended with the latest from many fields, including psychology, ecology, and the humanities? 


My books look at the intersection of psyche, nature, place, myth, history, symbol, and dream, encouraging experiments in just, loving, and creative forms of culture, regeneration, wisdom, and belonging. 


Applied Mythology – Exploring the Deep Presence of Place – Storytelling and Systems Analysis for Lasting Personal and Cultural Change – Curriculum Design – Ecopsychology and Place Studies – More…

Courses and Materials

What stories do we inhabit?

“Craig is an engaging instructor, thoughtful, and he presents his material from a depth psychology perspective, always highlighting the ongoing subtle unconscious factors at work. It has been great to get this very uniques and expanded perspective from a very contemporary viewpoint.”

– Tim Schipke, Marriage and Family Therapist

Tending self, society, and world

“Craig Chalquist is a depth educator in the true sense of the word educere, “to lead out”…. His richly evocative storytelling and use of narrative brings a practical and pragmatic dimension to his work as oriented to the general public as towards advanced scholars and practitioners. “

– Dr. David Odorisio, Retreat Center Director

Print and digital

“Craig is someone who has developed something of the ‘subtle eye’ — an eye for the hidden currents at work in the psyche and in the world, and calls them into the light, not to be examined clinically, but to be held in respectful awareness…The person he shows is his authentic self, doing what he loves.

– Dr. Seth Miller, IT Systems Specialist

Apply what you learn

“Craig is by nature a true healer. To this, he has the unique therapeutic ability to see straight to the heart of a difficulty or perceived wound and offer an explanatory thread of wisdom and mythic insight that seems to help recontextualize and oftentimes solve the problem immediately.”

– Dr. Elizabeth Teklinski, Synchronicity Marketing